Lesson Plan : Fun With Counting Coins

Teacher Name:
 Marnea Koder
 Grade 2

 Counting Coins
 Vocabulary: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Dollar Cents The children will use addition to figure out how much change is in each bag.
 STUDENTS WILL: 1. Learn to distinguish the coins quarter, penny, nickel, and dime. 2. Match the coin with its monetary value 3. Participate in group activities involving the first two objectives
 The students will learn to match a quarter, penny, nickel, and a dime to the amount specified throughout activities. They will learn that we use these coins everyday of our lives. By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to look at a coin and tell what it is called and how much it is worth. The children will use addition, counting and grouping to decide the value of each bag.
 Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for group activities. Sandwich bags will contain the coins. Overhead or powerpoint as an introduction to the lesson. Coin Couting Worksheet.
 Introduce the lesson by telling the students what we use the coins for in everyday life. Next show the overhead or power point presentation describing each coin.
 The children will be split into pairs and will be given a bag with coins in it. The children are to figure out how much their bag contains. The bags will be numbered and the children are to record how much the believe is in each bag. The children will decide on a value amount for each bag by using teamwork, grouping and addition.
 The children will rotate the bags around the room until each pair of children has had every bag. In order to control time, the chilren will have 3 minutes with each bag.
Checking For Understanding:
 When the group work is done, as a class we will count the coins in each bag. The pair with the most number of correct answers will recieve a prize.
 The children will be given an additional assignment to take home for homework. Questions from the students will be answered in order to assure everyone understood the value of the lesson.

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