Lesson Plan : What Kind of Animal?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Cooper
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Before I go to Sleep Read aloud and creative writing activity
  1.4.2.B Types of Writing Write an informational paragraph about a topic (e.g., letters, reports, descriptions, instructions) using illustrations when relevant. Nile- The longest river in Egypt Settee- seat for more than two people having a back and usually arms
 -Understanding what certain animals are that they may not be familiar with. i.e. Crocodiles - swamps Polar bears - Cold places -Understanding of adjectives
 Pick their favorite animal or create a new animal Draw it at the top of paper Fill in the blanks appropriately using their imagination Use adjectives to describe their animal
 Book Worksheet for picture and space to write crayons/colored pencils
 Ask what their favorite animal is If they have any pets at home
 Imagine if you could be your favorite animal, or any animal that you create for a day. What would you do as that animal? What would your animal be like?
 Writing portion of worksheet
 Have them verbally state what animal they would be and the places they would live
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask someone if they can give a description for a certain word i.e. sky
 Have a few students share what they wrote on their papers Ask what they learned

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