Ideas For Curbing Tattling Tips 6 to 10

Teaching Idea

The Nature of Tattling
Debbie, 5th Grade Teacher: Scottsdale, Arizona

"Tattling is an almost unavoidable occurrence in the classroom on all levels. One technique I�ve used on an intermediate elementary level is this. When a student (let�s say Mark) approaches me with a tattle, such as �Joey won�t let me play Frisbee�, I ask the student to go get Joey, and ask them both to come and see me. Upon their arrival, I explain that they both must speak with each other, in a respectful manner, to discuss the problem. They must brainstorm a resolution that both are in agreement with and then return to me. I ask if the problem is resolved. If they respond that it is, I ask that they shake hands, and go off and play. If not, they need to continue their discussion until a mutually agreed upon solution is reached. This allows for the problem to be addressed and resolved with little teacher involvement."

Teaching Idea

"Tattle-tale sheet"
Iris Bruce, Instructor, 5th Grade

"I had trouble with my students tattling until I developed a "Tattle-tale" Sheet. It had blanks at the top for the Tattler, One being tattled on and the Tattle. The rest of the page was blank lines. After determining there was not a matter of safety involved, I instructed the "Tattler" to fill out the sheet completely. I explained how the problem might need to be explained in detail to fill up the sheet. Writing could be about how it affects the student now or in the future. If needed the student could answer how it would change the school, community, state, nation, or world. Most students do not want to write that much for something trivial."

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