Parent Communication Tips For Teachers Number 7 to 11

Teaching Idea

Positive Phone-Calling
Joan, Primary Grade Teacher: Las Vegas, Nevada

"Every week make positive phone calls. Let parents know that their child had a great day. Maybe the child reached a goal that was set by the teacher and child. The child passed a test or made a wonderful presentation in class. It doesn�t take much time to tell a parent that their child did something worthy of a call. We call when things go wrong. We need to call when things go right."

Teaching Idea

"Weekly E-mail Updates for Parents"
Stephanie Contreras, Elkins Pointe Middle School: 6th grade teacher

"By making a mailing list with all of your parents' e-mails, you can help parents stay involved with events and curriculum topics covered weekly in your class. I send a weekly e-mail to keep parents informed. The e-mail covers help session times for the week, current curriculum topics, dates of quizzes and tests for the week, lists fun activities we've completed in class, and also has live internet links to allow parents to print worksheets or help their child at home. Students without an e-mail address get a print out of the e-mail sent home. Parents enjoy knowing what's going on in class!"

Teaching Idea

"Parent Awareness"
Ben, 8th Grade Teacher: Sarasota, Florida

"To ensure parent awareness of classroom projects and grading requirements, try this! After a project is assigned and explained to the students, assign them to thoroughly explain the project and the requirements to their parent/guardian's. Ask the student to return the requirement form with signatures from both the student and the parent/guardian indicating the student understood the requirements and explained the project to the parent/guardian."

Teaching Idea

"Communication System"
Robin Bowles: Special Education Teacher

"Our school developed a very successful communication system. We are a school of K-4th grade with 112 employees. Each grade chose 1 representative and 1 person for the certified teachers (special ed, Librarian, music teacher,etc.) that don't have homerooms. We have grade level meetings monthly then go back and report to our grade level teachers and staff. Some report back to their grade by copying their notes and put a copy in everyone's mailbox. I like to send emails to my group. Most teachers only have to report to 6-8 teachers and a few assistants. Special meetings are called as necessary. If the principal needs to pass info to just 1 grade, he talks to that grade level rep and the rep passes it on. This method has really worked great for our school because we all get the same information."

Teaching Idea

"Student-led Conferences"
Judy, Middle School Teacher

"The best thing I've seen in conferences was when the school I teach at went to Student-led Conferences! Each student leads their own conference with their parents, explaining grades, achievement as compared to goals written earlier. The students have prepared for the conferences and the parents have been given questions to ask relating to assignments from the term. I don't know who came up with the idea, but EVERY student has a conference and takes ownership of his/her education! Teachers are available if there are questions, grade sheets from each subject are at hand, and the child has to answer for his/her progress. If there is a need for all teachers to be there, conferences can be scheduled on an individual basis."

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