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Teaching Idea

Draw Yourself On The First Day
Milton Rays, 4th Grade Teacher

"On the first day of school I always play "Draw Yourself" with the kids. It serves as a great ice breaker. I have students draw themselves. I collect all papers and post them at the front of the room. Students the try to identify who was the artist for each picture. The activity also helps you get an instant sense of each students self concept and work ethic."

Teaching Idea

The Hello Name Game
Linda Newton, Teacher

"The name game is a great way for students to get to know the names of everyone in the class. Just gather the students in a circle. Have students add one word to their first name so that other students can remember it. I start by saying "I'm Mrs. (Fig) Newton". The next student will go and say "Hello, Mrs. (Fig) Newton, I'm Barabara (Bunny)." This repeats and every time a student goes, they have to try to say hello to everyone that went before them. It makes for great fun and works as a wonderful ice breaker."

Teaching Idea

Fill In Your Future
D. Ferguson, Health and Physical Education/ Washington, DC

"By the time the students enter the classroom I have already put a paragraph on the board which has some blank spaces for the students to fill in. The paragraph can be about any subject matter you want but the object of this activity is to get the kids thinking. For example a paragraph may start as followed: "This school year I will be more_______, by _________. In the past I have __________, which has _________ me from __________. I want to become a _________ student... I usually read the paragraph first to break the ice and then have students volunteer to read their completed paragraph aloud to the class."

Teaching Idea

Introduction Letter
Laurie Christensen, Teacher

"I like to start my year off with a letter of introduction to my students. They like to learn about me (and about you), so I tell them a little bit about myself -- where I live, what I like to do in my spare time, pets, children, anything I think I want to share that they might like to hear. Then I have them write a letter back to me in the same format regarding themselves and sharing some of the same type of information. This helps you to learn a lot about your students in the beginning of the year."

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