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These teaching tips are all to be used when you have extra time after a lesson and looking fill in time.

Teaching Idea

"Thumbs Up!"
Sonya, 5th Grade Teacher: Nevada

"Choose two students to stand up and have all the other students put their heads down on their desks with their eyes closed and a thumb sticking up. The two left standing must then move around the desks and gently touch just one person each on the thumb. All students are then to open their eyes. The two students who had their thumbs touched, must then guess who touched their thumb. If they get it right the children swap places if not the children have to go again. This game is great to use for settling a class down after after a busy day and it improves their listening skills."

Teaching Idea

"Object Of The Week"
Kim Newiles, Chestermills Middle Schoo

"I found a great way to help students critically think and expand their view of their world. I present students with a unique object each week. The object should be something that students see everyday, but usually take of granted. For example, the last object I used was a steering wheel.

Each day of the week, I take five minutes to discuss the object with students. Most topics of conversation include: Inventor, materials used, modern uses, how the object works in concert with other parts, what can be done to make it better, what the future holds for the object.

The concept of this procedure is very simple, but it opens students minds to higher levels of thinking. Over the last four years, we have had some great discussions. I always look forward to talking about the future of the object. Students always hold theories I would never think of. It's a very engaging activity for both students and teachers."

Teaching Idea

"Super Story"
Kyle Newing: Grade 5-6 Teacher

"If I find that I finish a lesson quicker than I planned, I always do a Super Story with my students. It is a simple activity. I present my teacher pen to students. The double-sided red-blue pen. Children love just to hold the pen. I write a single sentence on the board to start the super story. I then pass the pen and the Super Story paper to a student. This student must now add two sentences to the super story. When they are finished, they pass the pen and paper to another student. This student must first read the entire story to class from the beginning. After reading, the student must also add two sentences. We continue this through the entire class. Once every student writes, we finish the story as a class. I find the best way is to have students brainstorm and then vote on the ending."

Teaching Idea

"Do Now!"
Charlotte Babishkin, Middle Level Teacher

This was my second year teaching. One technique that really improved my classroom management and overall success with my students was the use of a daily "Do Now!" activity. I have 6 classes throughout an average school daily. Our periods are 45 minutes in length.

During my first year of teaching, I had a lot of trouble getting the students settled and focused. This process would take any where from 5 to 10 minutes.

On the advice of a senior colleague, I started using "Do Now!" activities. I write a quick assignment on the board that requires 5 minutes of my students time. The assignment reviews the past day's lesson.

This technique turned 5 wasted minutes into an engaging activity. It also helps me assess the students on a daily basis. I highly recommend it!

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