Scheduling Software Utilities for Higher Education

  1. ABC Scheduling Software - Scheduling software for rooms, activities and resources.
  2. Ad Astra Information Systems - Web-based, resource-management scheduling software that helps colleges and universities manage their resources.
  3. aSc TimeTables - Timetabling program for primary/secondary schools with unique automatic generator.
  4. Automated Scheduling - Academic scheduling services and software, which can be used on their own in conjunction with other administrative software.
  5. CCM - Facility Scheduler for Schools - Scheduling package for schools which allows automatic scheduling, multi-user use and scheduling of exams.
  6. Celcat - Timetabling software for universities and colleges, web publisher and software for scheduling shift systems.
  7. ICS - Intelligent Class Scheduler - A web-based class scheduler for colleges. Generates all possible schedules, given a set of classes. Supported schools include UCLA, UTexas, and UNLV.
  8. Lantiv Timetabler 2002 - Schedule software for schools. Timetable construction can be done both by automatic timetabling or interactive scheduling. Used by hundreds of schools in Europe and the United States. Download a free trial version.
  9. LilaBerg Scheduling Software - Timetabling software for schools. Visual, user-friendly and has a large capacity. Generates HTML-reports.
  10. Mimosa Software Oy - General-purpose timetabling software for schools and universities. User-friendly, flexible and has a large capacity.
  11. Orologio - Timetable Software - OROLOGIO is an automated timetabling tool suitable for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions.
  12. SchedulExpert - Conference scheduling services and course scheduling software.
  13. Scientia Knowledge Computing - Flexible, multi-user resource management software that helps universities and colleges produce optimal schedules for all resources including students.
  14. Solstar Student Scheduling - Prepares student schedules by matching course requests for each student to a master schedule of class offerings.
  15. Timetabling for Schools & Colleges - TimeTabler by Keith Johnson - timetabling and scheduling software for school and college timetables.
  16. TTMaker - TTMaker is scheduling and timetabling software that creates clash-free timetables. Use for schools, universities, festivals and commerce.
  17. Untis Timetabling Software - Scheduling program. Many options for school administration: absent teachers, free lessons, room planning, distribute teaching duties, calculate cost of each period.