Educational Literature on Whole Language

Teacher Guide to Phonics and Phonics Activities


  1. Balanced Reading Instruction- ERIC Digest
  2. Content-Centered Language Learning- ERIC Digest
  3. Phonemic Awareness: An Important Early Step in Learning To Read- ERIC Document
  4. Phonics in Whole Language Classrooms- ERIC Document
  5. Reading and Writing in a Kindergarten Classroom- ERIC Document
  6. Report On Reading Stresses Complexity Of Process
  7. Using Mythic-Archetypal Approaches in the Language Arts- ERIC Document
  8. Whole Language: Integrating the Language Arts- ERIC Document
  9. Whole Language in an Elementary School Library Media Center- ERIC Document
  10. Whole Language Reading Instruction
  11. Whole Language vs. Phonics- "Whole language reading instruction (also known as "look-say" or "sight" reading) is the most widely used method of teaching reading in the U.S. and many other countries. Its development dates back to early in this century (for more information, see our upcoming book Turning the Tide of Illiteracy), and its continued use is based on two factors, one factual and one... emotional."