The Major Science Education Journals

Major science education journals play a significant role in helping teachers address the growing demands of science education. In this world where technology transforms at a fast pace, facts are easily discovered and verified for accuracy. These good to know changes need be disseminated, or many will remain holding on to obsolete concepts. Below are a few examples of these journals.

The Journal of Science Teacher Education

Being the official publication of the Association of Science Teacher Education (ASTE), the Journal of Science Teacher Education helps enhance science education skill, and impart methodologies for better classroom management by teachers. Empirical studies are discussed, with strong notions provided for a particular subject matter by known experts in the field. It presents the rationale behind certain approaches to teaching, and identifies which work well with students in learning science the easiest way. In addition, it recommends basic standards for science teacher qualifications, and revolutionary practices to retain the best.

The International Electronic Journal of Health Education (IEJHE)

The International Electronic Journal of Health Education (IEJHE), as the name implies focuses on one important domain of science - health. It mainly talks about health education, health campaigns, and behavioural health. It is hailed the first journal to become accessible to all via the internet, launched online on the 31st of December 1997. IEJHE features all-embracing consultations from known names in the field, and articles that are not limited to explorations and qualified opinions as regards health and related science.

From the year 1997 to 2000, the International Electronic Journal of Health Education was available on a quarterly basis. The first quarter issue put out in January, the second in April, the next one in July, and the last in October. Because the website is open to reviews, all article submissions are subject to evaluations and recommendations that can be put forward electronically. Once appropriate revisions are completed, these are included in the final product and can be downloaded in either an html or pdf format. At present, however, all ready to go articles will appear on the web for a period of 14 days. This is one facet of IEJHE that cannot be matched by other major science education journals.

In 2001, this publication was acquired by the American Association of Health Education (AAHE), yet still viewable to the public. Articles in Chinese, French, and Spanish versions from screened contributors are added to its inventory. Dr. William Chen currently serves as the editor-in-chief.

The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (JNEB)

The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior aims to keep nutrition professionals and educators well-versed with the most recent studies, concerns, and systems in the region of nutrition education and physical fitness. As the official journal of the Society for Nutrition Education, it basically consists of substantiated articles and documented discoveries from both specialists and preferred contributors. Nutrition is a branch of health science; students and the general public are kept posted of theoretical changes related to this area, with noteworthy opinions from the authority.

Contents of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior manifest the varied interests of nutritionists, dieticians, educators and other individuals specializing in this area of study. It welcomes all eligible contributors, accepts substantiated manuscripts and relevant researches for addition to its database.

There are many other major science education journals of this type, published online and in print. These are great sources of up to date information and expert theories from legends in the field of science and selected contributors from around the globe. While some may be available to all, the rest are exclusive to members of corresponding associations or are obtained on pay per view. Information is dynamic; what is acceptable today maybe useless in the future, thus the need for channels through which the latest in science is learned.

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