What Are the Major Math Education Journals?

Math is a subject that is feared by many and enjoyed by some. For some unexplainable circumstances, Mathematics is perceived to be a very difficult subject. While all subjects are challenging in their own special ways, mathematics, as a subject, is generally avoided by the majority of the students for being the most difficult.

This is interesting because among all subjects in school, mathematics is the most precise. This means that, while literature and science can have solutions to problems in many different ways, the answers will most likely vary as well. Mathematics on the other hand will have many different solutions to a single problem yet the answer is expected to all turn out the same.

This is what mathematics educators find challenging in teaching this subject. Most mathematics teachers are making all possible efforts to bring this subject closer to the heart of the students. Since it is proven that knowledge of mathematics are generally the most useful in real life, teaching it effectively is what math educators desire to do.

Pertinent to this goal is the publications of numerous journals that aim to aid both the teachers and their students to facilitate mathematics learning. These journals are being published to help teachers become more competent in imparting the knowledge about the subject in the most effective ways.

If you want to know what are the major math educational journals, here are some of the most relevant journals that are available globally. Like any other journals for other subjects this is being available with the objective of providing helpful knowledge and skills to aid teachers in their daily teaching activities. They also provide teachers up-to-date knowledge and skills that can make them better educators and competent math experts.

Please note that these journals are ranked in no particular order.

1. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education is being published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This journal is given a high rank by the Journal Ranking as they are regarded to be the most influential journal in the field of mathematics education.

The journal is expected to run five issues annually. The articles, researches, case studies and other content are centred on improving mathematics education and educators in all levels of teaching, from pre-school teaching up to adult education. They accept qualified contents from mathematics teachers, experts and students if they deemed the resources helpful to their goal of improving mathematics education.

2. Educational Studies in Mathematics is founded in 1968 by Hans Freudenthal from Netherlands. This journals aims to provide methodological ways in teaching mathematics. They publish three volumes annually; each volume consists of three issues.

3. The Mathematics Educator is a journal based at the University of Georgia. This publication is produced by students and is published by the Mathematics Educations Students Association or MESA. While this aims to help both students and teachers in making mathematics education more understandable, they provide issues twice a year since 1990. They accept content from any credible source in the form of research, reports, literary reviews, etc.

4. The Mathematics Enthusiast is a journal based in the University of Michigan. The articles they provide on this journal aims to clarify mathematic as a way of life; from education, to thinking and philosophy. They provide issues thrice a year.

5. Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal is an academic journal that can be accessed by any person who finds interest in mathematics. They are mainly focus on providing resources on the philosophy of mathematics in education. They also welcome contribution from any enthusiast who can provide relevant articles, studies, research or any resources that concerns mathematics philosophy.

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