What are the Most Respected Educational Periodicals

An educational periodical is a peer-reviewed journal wherein scholarly articles that relate, contribute or focus on the academic field of education are published. Also referred to as academic journals, these educational periodicals have long been recognized as credible sources in the field of learning as they greatly aid traditional books with their purpose of introducing and presenting new research articles or recent significant discoveries.

The question as to what are the most respected educational periodicals is a question one has to qualify as these scholarly journals, though altogether similarly aim to educate further, are not at all the same. Each journal caters to a specific field or profession which it centers on, such as the American Economic Review which focuses on general economic interests. For every educational topic, there are about hundreds, if not thousands, of journals that publish topics involving it. Though there are numerous periodicals for each field, there are some that are still considered to be the cream of the crop, for reasons varying from it being the oldest in its field or that it has produced the most credible articles.

As mentioned earlier, the American Economic Review is a leading journal when it comes to economics. It is published quarterly by the American Economic Association and since its publishing debut in 1911, it has established itself as one of the most respected economic journals in the country. Journal Storage, or more popularly known as JSTOR, a digital archive for journals, stated the American Economic Review as the "most-referred-to" journal in the years 2006 and 2007, and in 2008, 4 million people accessed it thus making it one of the most respected periodicals today.

On topics involving education, from scholarships to policy to practice to critical issues, the Harvard Educational Review tops the list in the field. Its 1930 beginning makes it one of the most respected journals today and its range of readers impressively vary from researchers, education administrators to policymakers. The Harvard Education Publishing Group is responsible for the journal's quarterly publication. The Harvard-based periodical also shares the limelight with The Penn State College of Education-sponsored journal, American Journal of Education when it comes to publications in the field of education.

An abundant and widely-produced type of journal comes from the medical field as the profession always produces researches or studies about recent improvements. The Journal of the American Medical Association or also known as JAMA is another medical journal which prides itself of publishing research findings as well as editorial opinion. Aside from its long standing history which started in 1883, JAMA is also considered the most prestigious journals for it is the most widely circulated medical publication, not only in the country, but in the world. It is published 48 times a year by the American Medical Association and has covered a wide range of medical topics and health concerns.

? There are many credible and respected journals in any field of profession such as The American Journal Psychology, which is published by The University of Illinois. It is a credible source for psychology matters and articles. The Journal of Philosophy by the Columbia University heads the group of publishers in philosophical articles. The Harvard Law Review, from the famous law school tops the list of respected law journals today. It produces articles about legal opinions, recent developments in the law and even the very sought-of case digests. For information technology articles, the fifty-year technical standard IBM Journal of Research and Development is considered a must-read. While in the field of library science, the Library Quarterly is a great aid.

For every field corresponds a "most respected journal" there is for it. But mostly, every educational periodical is well-respected, well-researched and well-written; it is up to the reader to look for interesting articles from these periodicals.

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