What Organizations are Creating Reforms in Education?

Educational reform is important for the improvement of Education and Educational Leadership throughout the different countries. There are many standardized policies and other issues that should be straightened out to improve educational efficiency in areas and states. There are many organizations that you can join to support educational reforms in your area. Education and Educational Leadership is largely connected to the advance of school reforms. Most of them also give benefits like free seminars and other support. Technical resources are also distributed throughout their members. Aside from that, you can share your voice on an issue and discuss educational reforms, their positive and negative sides, and their effect on teachers and students. Luckily, there is much information in the internet about these organizations.

One organization that you can join is the Center for Educational Reform. This group is a non-profit organization, which means they don't expect payment for their many services and focuses on providing resources and support for educational reform to many neighborhoods across the United States. They also post news articles about educational reforms in many areas, the overviews and impact of the many school reforms happening today, and highlights information on other school reform organizations. Improving Education and Educational Leadership is their prime concern.

The Center for Independent Studies is an Australia-based, non-profit organization that focuses on research studies in the private sector. Its major concern is researching about the proper and working policies and conditions required for an open and free society. This will enforce better Education and Educational Leadership in many areas as per their study and creates activities covering a wide variety of subjects about economic and social policies. One of its research studies that they continue to pursue is entitled "Taking Children Seriously" that started in 1994 and focuses on the impacts of psychological, social, and environmental conditions on children and their education. In 1997 they printed a book entitled Taking Education Seriously, authored by Ken Gannicot.

The Concord Review is an organization that focuses on the achievements of high school students all over the United States. The main reason why they started this organization is to counter the dumbing-down of many high school textbooks and curricula. These unfit textbooks and curricula does not give students the enthusiasm required to excel, and makes many teachers and administrators use the wrong techniques on high school students because they forget what teenagers are capable of doing. Through their website, they post numerous works, essays, articles, and others done by high school students as a wake up call to these misinformed teachers and push their students to succeed.

The Education Policy Institute on the other hand is an organization made up of former NEA and AFT officials that tackle the unhelpful effects of teacher's unions to their efficiency and productivity. Being former AFT and NEA officials, they know and relate the problem between the union's agendas and its conflicts with their member's families.

The GEO Foundation is one of the organizations that focus on directing families and students to make the right school choice. They take leaders from many youth organizations on researching trips across Milwaukee so they can have a first-hand experience about many issues, often involving forums with speakers, and understand their effects.

The Heartland Institute is a non-profit research organization that regularly publishes important materials to the interest of parents, teachers, educational administrators, and school-reformers. They also have a 400 page guide book on how to create the most effective school management plan titled Rebuilding America's Schools. They also have a twenty-page newspaper on school reforms that is published monthly. Their website is also the most eye-catching and user-friendly compared to other public policy sites.

Administrator Education Reform Organizations

  1. 21st Century Learning Initiative
  2. A+
  3. Foundation for Academic Standards and Tradition (FAST)
  4. Institute for Responsive Education
  5. Organization for Quality Education
  6. Project Appleseed