Organizations for Educational Administrator Advocacy

In every school there exists a person having more experience than the best instructors. This experience is the reason why he attained his administrative position. Through experiencing the many hurdles in the teaching career, he learned many lessons in life that made him more effective as a teacher, counselor, and parent to his students.

Educational Administrators are those people equipped with the knowledge to lead a school, whether preschool, High school, and tertiary levels. He can influence the teachers to be more enthusiastic in their everyday teaching duties. He has learned many skills and techniques that teachers can use to be more effective in front of children needing the right education and shares this with them to create overall proficient learning grounds. Aside from that, he also manages the teaching schedules, establish goals and undertake steps to achieve them, and supervise the managers, teachers and other staff. But his most important duty is to take care of the learning of individual students and make sure that they don't fall below the standards.

There are many reasons that cause students to fail their subjects. One of which is the incompetence of their teachers. Though it is true that a student dedicated to his duties will do everything in his power to learn his subjects, but not all of the students have this attitude. The school is responsible for the learning of all registered students in its premises. Educational administrators monitor the students' educational progress and make sure that it is acceptable if not above standards. Thus they make policies, and undertake steps to train new teachers and make sure that they deliver their classes in a format well understood by the students, allowing them to easily absorb the knowledge passed onto them. Incompetence is not acceptable for teachers, thus it is only right that educational administrators have the capacity to lead and influence their subordinates.

There are many organizations for educational administrators that can help them be a better leader. These organizations create programs that can potentially improve the Education and Educational Leadership of each administrator. They aim to create meaning out of the complex and often confusing issues regarding any educational policies. One of such organizations is the American Association of School Administrator or AASA.

The AASA helps over 13,000 school administrators to achieve their dreams and improve Education and Educational Leadership in their schools' teachers. One of its primary concerns is to educate administrators how to influence the teachers to teach the student as wholly as possible from the mental and physical factors, and develop a total child. It is important that children get the support that they need in their developing years. This allows students to master lifelong learning skills and required educational concepts to give them a better chance at life.

Through the Total Child advocacy campaign that the AASA upholds, their members will be able to provide their students with the required environment for optimal learning. It will create students who will be successful and are lifelong learners.

This campaign addresses the three factors that affect each student's learning progress. These are the impact of poverty on education, lack of early childhood education, and the importance of the coordination of organizations and public education for providing health and child development services.

The AASA also helps educational administrators to learn their role in the legislative duties of their schools. It provides its members with the legislative support to address certain issues that they cannot handle alone.

Being a member of organizations for educational administrator advocacies will surely help in shaping your school for the better. Education and Educational Leadership will be easier if you have fellow advocates by your side.

Educational Administrator Organizations

  1. American Association of School Administrators
  2. ASCD- Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, an organization for professional educators.
  3. Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
  4. National Association of Elementary School Principals
  5. New Hampshire Association of School Principals
  6. New York State Association for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds
  7. South Carolina Association of School Administrators
  8. Urban Superintendents Association of America
  9. Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA)
  10. Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators (WASDA)