What Non-Government Organizations Help Fund Schools

Education and Educational Leadership is both important for the improvement of today's society. Without proper instruction and proper educational guidelines, you will not be able to get as much knowledge ad you need for your own self improvement. Schools also need to focus on things that are just as important as its teachers and their level of teaching, to make sure that the school functions and facilities are enough for their student's Education and Educational Leadership.

But not all schools have enough funding abilities that are required to improve their schools into the 21st century. Some schools also lack the ability to provide the needed study materials and environment for proper education. And that is why schools often make grants and pass it to possible foundation that could help them to fund their projects and improvement of their student's Education and Educational Leadership. Though not as primary, as foundations are, schools also get help from Non-Government Organizations. This includes a variety of different deeds for the school's betterment, from volunteer work of cleaning the whole place, to helping the school fund a certain project.

NGO's include charitable organizations from hospitals, museums, voluntary health agencies, orchestras, foundations, social welfare organizations, and professional and trade organizations. They are committed to improving the human conditions and are actively involved in philanthropic activities. This mandate basically pushes forward the NGO members to help and strive for other people regardless of their own state. But most NGOs are non-profit organizations that only aim to help other people and not earn money for their own support. As such, most NGO's are made up of volunteer members that are ready to help other people in need without any compensation. The neighbor-help-neighbor philosophy is strongly advocated NGO's and this attracts more members especially if the community of a certain NGO has the natural instinct to help others. NGO's also actively recruit members to acquire more hands to help other individuals. All NGO's also have and receive orders from member boards which are the members that have leadership skills, given a position and directs the activities of the NGO. Some of the first NGO's are volunteer fire department (which is still very popular today in the US), churches groups, and voluntary associations. And this started the establishment of other NGOs throughout the United States, racing to help more needy individuals, disaster victims, human cruelty victims and more.

Today, NGO's are mostly made up of legal corporations with full-time staff and are now for-profit organizations. They now have more formal and complex organizational structures from which to receive orders and activities. They also focus on activities that are more business-like and strategic for their place in the community and for profits. Most NGO's today are established for against-the-government purposes and for-profit organizations, with many NGO's showing the characteristics of both. Many NGO's today also receive a certain amount of support from the government and other for-profit corporations and they collaborate to tackle a certain issue. This produces a more efficient and more professional sense of function to NGOs.

There are two kinds of NGO's that don't accept compensation for their philanthropic activities. They are the "not-for-profits" and "non-profits" NGO's. The former refers to them as such to indicate that they are not looking fro compensation, to be paid for their activities and help but this does not remove the fact that they still accept money to raise funds for their present activities or future ones. The latter on the other hand are self-supporting organizations that accept no compensation at all. And unlike other for-profit corporations, NGO's put their surplus revenues aside for ongoing activities or save them for future needs.

Organizations That Fund Schools

  1. AAAS Science and Technology Fellowships
  2. Americorps (Corporation for National Service)
  3. Broad Foundation
  4. Children's Scholarship Fund
  5. Club Foundation
  6. Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)
  7. Edward E. Ford Foundation
  8. Hertz Foundatio
  9. National Endowment for the Humanities
  10. National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
  11. Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding
  12. Oregon School Funding Now
  13. Southern Education Foundation
  14. Spencer Foundation