Employment Philosophy of Principals

The job of principal is very important and instrumental to the success of any school. These people are actually the ultimate administrators in a school setting. They set the tone for authority and respect. Principals hold one of the most diverse jobs in the education system. There responsibilities are vast and relate directly to the enhancement of the teaching process. It is their responsibility that the teachers and students work well together to produce educated individuals.

Principals have a lot of administrative concerns to handle each day. They work to maintain the schools budget. These budgets allow for teacher resources, teacher worksheets, and various other necessities for the classroom. The budget itself is one of the biggest responsibilities of a principal. Their goals are to save money where possible, and to provide their school with what it needs.

Hiring the right principal for each school in and specific district is very crucial. These individuals, whether male or female, must have certain qualities. They must have good organizational skills, leadership skills, and the ability to communicate well. Principals are expected to not only assist teachers, but students as well. They are not only the voice of authority, but also teachers in their own right.

When school districts or boards look at resumes for potential principals there is a lot to consider. Previous work experience is one of the top influences, along with educational requirements. Choosing the right person for these administrative positions has far-reaching effects. Principals have the ability to cause a school to be a success or a failure. This is an important point to stress. It is also true that principals will be instrumental in hiring processes of their own.

Hiring teachers for specific schools will rest in many cases upon the shoulders of a principal. This is why their placement is so important. In both instances, the employment philosophy is critical. Just as a school board needs to know the philosophy of a principal, a principal needs to know the philosophy of potential teachers. Having a cohesive agreement about educational approaches allows both teachers and principals to work well together.

They are able to present a united front, as it relates to educational matters. These concerns are also important to rule enforcement. Every school district has its own rules for behavior and codes of conduct. Employed individuals in this process must adhere to these rules and codes implicitly. Therefore agreement in these areas is a big part of maintaining a structured and successful school environment.

Although agreement is important, this does not mean that individuality has to be hindered. Every principal and teacher will have unique approaches to education. They will incorporate their beliefs and principles through these approaches. It is these differences that make a school environment diverse and complete. As long as these philosophies compliment each other, and do not violate established rules, they can be successful. Children need a dependable, organized, and structured environment to learn in. They expect their teachers and principals to set this foundation.

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