How Do You Become A Guidance Counselor in the United States

Do you have a knack for giving advices? How about a listening ear for somebody else's problems? Can you read other people's minds and interpret behaviours? Well, what else would you rather be if not a guidance counselor?

The United States is the land of milk and honey where opportunities are endless and within your reach. Becoming a guidance counselor is one of those job opportunities that you can become successful in, both financially and professionally. Well, how do you prepare yourself for this big leap? How does one get into this prestigious profession?

Eduacational Background

Guidance counselors are educators too! Thus, getting into a bachelor's degree specializing in psychology, education or social studies is your first step into achieving that dream. You see, other than giving sound advices, you have to deal with worksheets, rubrics and even with lesson plans sometimes.

Being one also requires you to evaluate students' performances based on teachers worksheets and exercises. Thus, a little background in mathematics and statistics will help. You must have the proper knowledge on career building since you will mostly be involved in determining what college degree will best suit a high school student.

It is also important to enroll in a master's degree. This will allow you to have better chances of getting a public employment.


Since it is the task of a guidance counselor to direct students in finding the right carrer path, one must be equipped with the skills to handle people effectively. Not only that, she too has to understand the motivations and desires of every student as shown from their performances and other teacher resources.

Reaching out is a guidance counselor's forte and must be yours too. Along with empathy, being able to comprehend the depths of human behavior is a skill and a talent that every counselor should have.

As what they often say, you cannot give what you do not have. Working in this field is all about giving of yourself, your time and effort towards helping others, especially the students. It is you who can help them decide if how they are going to make the most out of their future. It is you who motivates them to become the person that they are by providing them with tips, suggestions and even study skills.

Traits and Qualities

Friendly, attentive, supportive, helpful and encouraging are just some of the traits a guidance counselor should have. Since you will be dealing with students and parents most of the time telling you about their problems, joys and sorrows, it is always a must to be attentive. Not only that, you also need to put up a friendly face. People feel comfortable talking to you if they feel you are more than willing to listen to them.

Well, if you have the right education, the skills and the traits earlier enumerated. Then, getting that dream job of a guidance counselor in the United States is just around the corner.

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