Should Schools Run Their Own Buses Or Outsource?

With the status of today's economy, schools around the country are struggling. They are desperately trying to find avenues to help them balance their budgets. Other schools simply want to cut costs allowing for the maintenance of essential areas. Many schools have been placed in positions where eliminating jobs have become a necessity. As the economy bounces back, schools and school districts are tightening their belts.

Spending money on essential things like salaries, books, and resources are important. There are other things that are less important. Finding the proper balance is the challenge that schools are embarking on. Some essential services, such as buses, have been called into question. Although this transportation is vital to many students, the cost is not vital to schools. They are discovering some creative ways to keep this service and save money.

Around the country schools have chosen to outsource services. Services like janitorial duties and bus driving are being outsourced to low bidders. Private companies are able to meet the needs of these schools and save them money. These private companies, in some cases provide answers to problems that have been plaguing some schools for years.

Aging bus fleets are a culprit to budgets in America. These vehicles continue to consume fuel, while not working effectively. Struggling school districts simply cannot afford to replace their buses. This is where private business owners come into the picture. For a significant savings, they are able to provide students with not only transportation. They tend to use newer vehicles for transporting children to schools.

These companies are even available for field trip bookings and sports events. Districts would no longer have to worry about repair costs or fuel. These would fall under the responsibility of their outsource company. This option can be successful in taking the concern away from schools. They are then able to focus on the education process alone.

Michigan is one state that has decided that outsourcing is a good idea. There are approximately 551 school districts in this state. Currently 250 of those districts have successfully outsourced non-instructional support services. This means services like food, transportation, and janitorial duties have been contracted or outsourced. Other states will soon follow in Michigan's footsteps in this process.

Cincinnati, Ohio's First Student Company is an example of a great outsourcing option. This company prides itself for providing schools with valued services like transportation. Using companies like this one as a resource schools will be able to budget wisely. They will save money, which will ultimately guarantee essential jobs. In the past, educators have lost their jobs because of budget constraints.

With outsourcing as an option, schools will find that they have more control. They can meet necessities with funds saved through outsourced services. This may be one of the greatest ways to ensure that educational resources are preserved and applied where they are needed most. Students, teachers, and parents benefit from this process. Education can be enhanced through outsourcing.

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