What Are TerraNova Tests?

As the education policy is very strong and firm in United States so there are different types of test which are taken after some period of time to track the progress of the students. The TerraNova test is also a very famous test in this purpose as this is a series of standardized achievement tests which is taken to the students of k-12 in United States of America. This test consists of mathematics, spelling, vocabulary, social studies, reading, science, language arts, and other specific areas.

The TerraNova tests are not used in every state of America but in some states. The state of California uses this test as the part of CAT/6 which is also known as the California Achievement Awards. The test series of TerraNova tests is published by McGraw-Hill. This system was available ion California for many years and when other states started to make their own standard based test system to become a part of overall testing movement in America which was in 2000, the CAT system was widely used in California and it was also really popular among students.

The TerraNova tests usually have multiple choices questions having a bubble sheet. Worksheet is also provided to solve the mathematics questions. The question paper is constructed with all sorts of questions and covers all areas of all subjects. This test can be of few hours but some students also take a complete day to complete the test. For the beginners the paper is quite easy but after the 5th grade the difficulty level increases.

Well the TerraNova tests are considered to be a great way to make the students more inclined towards the education. This test also reveals the weakness and strength of a student which should be overcome by the student to be successful in academics. There are a wide range of subjects and the test is made with short multiple choice questions from all subjects.

Scoring in the TerraNova test is not very difficult. As this test is taken in the middle of the year so student is in touch with studies and if all teachers resources and teachers worksheets are available then topping this test is not a big problem. Due to this test, study skills are also obtained by the student. After completing this test a student will know his weak subjects and will spend more time working on those subjects to gain more marks next time.

The main object behind the TerraNova tests is to examine and to identify the weakness and strength of a student, so in this way you can force your child to have his career in the field in which he is good at. This test also helps the parents to have a yearly report of their children's progress. Teachers are also gain so much from this test and know that which student needs more attention and what are the weak subjects of any particular student. Teachers also motivate the students to score high in the TerrNova test by paying more attention and by doing more hard work.