What Are the SATs?

SAT is the short form of Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test. It is a standardized test which is taken when a person asks for the admission in any college on the United States of America. When SAT was established it was published and scored by the Educational Testing Services but now it is owned, developed and published by the College Board. Well the main object behind this test is to see the student's readiness for the education of college.

This test was introduced in the year 1901 but its name and scoring system has changed a lot of times. The current SAT system was introduced in 2005. This test lasts for three hours and forty five minutes. The cost of this test is $45 for the local and $71 for international students. The score of this test ranges from 600-2400. It consists of three 800 point sections which are writing, math and critical writing.

When the SAT was developed the catchy line said with the SAT was that the American's education is declining. Well the main reason behind the SAT is to increase the level of education and test if the student has learned something from there school or not. To pass the SAT a student must have study skills, lesson plans and teacher resources.

The College Board states that this test measures the writing and literacy skills which are a must for the academic success in college. The College Board states that the SAT assesses how a student analyze and solve the problems and what they have learned form the school. There are many levels of SAT which is taken by juniors, seniors, and high school. The SAT is very popular from its very beginning and most schools and college accepts this test. Many international students also pass this test to take admission in any college in America.

The style of questions on the SAT is very much similar with the questions of other exams and tests. Most questions except the grid in math and essay are multiple choices. In all multiple choices questions they have five choices among which only one is right. In this test to solve some math questions worksheets will also be provided to you.

All the questions are equal in terms of marks. If you have chosen the correct answer then a point will be added in your score but if you have answered a wrong answer then one-fourth of a point will be deducted from your final score. This scoring system was for the multiple choice questions. For grid in math questions no point will be deducted even if you do it incorrectly.

Well it is advised by the administrations to make the educated guesses as there will be some probability to choose the correct answer. Critical writing, math and writing are three parts of SAT. In writing essays have to be written on the given topic. Putting rubrics on the top can be a good way to impress the checker. Well SAT is considered to be at normal level not to tough and not too easy. If you work hard then you will easily get a place in your desired college.