What Are IOWA Tests?

Iowa is a famous state in America but the IOWA Tests of educational development are more popular. The Iowa tests of Educational Development (ITED) are a series of tests which is given annually to all high school students in most schools in the United States of America. These tests were created by the University of Iowa in 1942, to start a program which makes a standard education in United States and also accepted throughout America.

The Iowa tests are administered to the students in grades 8. The main reason behind these tests is to provide information to improve the teaching in America. The main goal of ITED is to evaluate the student's skills in different areas such as writing, critical writing, math, and problem solving etc. These skills are considered to be important steps for their academic success. This test is a great way to test the students and to increase the education priority in the state.

The ITED designs the test paper in such a way to examine and compare the student's ability in different educational fields and majors. These subjects include reading, vocabulary, language, comprehension, and spelling, problem solving and mathematical concepts. A great importance is given to the science subjects who include analysis of science materials, analysis of social studies materials and use of other sources.

Well the goal of ITED is to measure and to track the development of a student's analysis and skills which are needed in all areas. Iowa tests are taken every year by the students of schools in most of the states in United States. There are different sections constructed in an Iowa test which is needed to track the development of a student.

Vocabulary is a very famous and a little tough section in the ITED. This tests the student's vocabulary of everyday communication and few new words as well. By this the development of student is obtained and student also learns throughout these exams. Reading comprehension is another section in the Iowa tests. This section tests the literal understanding and analysis of the paragraph.

Other sections in the tests includes language test which is revising written materials, spelling test, mathematics (all basic concepts and problem solving), analysis of social studies materials and analysis of science materials. Sources of information are another section in the Iowa test which determines the ability of the student of doing researches, and also to use all the available sources and resources with great accuracy and precision.

The Iowa tests are a little tough but with hard work and with great consideration nothing is impossible. As these tests are taken annually so a student should make the most of all teacher resources and teachers worksheets. To study and to complete the whole course right lesson plan should be made and follow it. This test also determines the study skills of a student. The ITED is followed in most schools in the state of Iowa. All public and private schools take this test to track the development of the students.