What Programs Schools Can Provide To Improve Student Achievement?

As students, we always want to enroll in schools that offer the highest educational standards. Even parents, who also were once students in their lifetime, would influence the choice and the future of their children by sending them to far-flung institutions to give them the best form of education life could offer. Parents overexert themselves to raise money equivalent to the amount of tuition some of the most prestigious American schools require in order to give them what they believe is their biggest gift, legacy, offering or inheritance to their kids. Now it is up to them as students if they will give their parents their due, work their way and reap the fruits of their labor. But while it is true that learning is what you make out of it, a great portion of the blame for low-performing students is because of their schools' own doing. So now the question arises, what programs schools can provide to improve student achievement?

The school serves as the second home for most of us. So just like a home, it must have a structure. A school is fitting to be one when it is constructed in such a way that is conducive for learning. So renovation and beautification programs can be undertaken by the school not just to attract prospective students but also to encourage already enrolled ones to perform at their best. Classrooms that are so small can be claustrophobic while one that has fewer windows than expected can rob off concentration due to temperature reasons.

Schools must also see the need of their students to socialize and compete with other students coming from other institutions. Those belonging to the top and who excel in fields other than academics, sports for instance, need to see and experience firsthand what is beyond the portals of their institution. Meeting and getting along with others who they think are superior to them make them dream of being big and surpassing those students someday in a friendly manner.

Fitness programs are also getting popular as a way to start brain functioning among students. Exercise allows blood to circulate through the different parts of the body including the brain. More blood will mean more oxygen to cerebral tissues so students as a result become alert and turn into sponges, absorbing more teachings and all. 'You are what you eat' is a famous line that we hear each time. So by making sure that only nutritious and healthy foods are served and can be bought from the school canteen, students' performance is surely going to improve.

Schools also need to promote the artistry of the student body by allowing them to enjoy themselves in activities like battle of the bands, interdepartmental writing competitions and other within-the-school events that foster learning and enjoyment. After all, intelligence can be in various forms. As schools, they must implement school programs that will improve student achievement by making sure that they are complete with facilities and they must utilize technology in order to catch the attention of their students who are part of the modern generation. Libraries, audio visual rooms and sports facilities among others must be updated and upgraded as well.

Teachers serve as a students guide must have the expertise to see further into the child themselves. This is where educational leaders need to step in and manage their teachers to insure they have this quality. Schools must have evaluation and appraisal programs for these personnel who are critical in molding not only the minds but also the personality of these students.

A school as an institution is definitely a life-changer. So let students make their schools proud but schools must also do their share in the responsibility they have towards their students.

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