Inquiry Learning Tips

Inquiry based learning is a new concept for parents all around the world. However, through different researches it has been analyzed that it is a much better way of learning for a child rather than the school based lesson plans. This type of system leads to better understanding of the lessons by initiating of thinking process and better attitudes increasing the study skills of the child. Inquiry based learning is a natural process which means that everyone possesses and practices this type of learning, it is just that we are just not tuned well to gain completely from it and achieve better results and maximize our productivity.

Inquiry is the most delicate process of searching the truth, information, and knowledge by using the ultimate power of questioning. All the people use the technique of inquiring throughout their life. For example, babies have a poor sense of time, and they cannot understand that time is the most important part of life. However, it can be taught to them by parents by involving them in time related exercises and activities.

You can use a clock and teach them how the minute and hour hand goes round and the clock chimes when they reach certain points. You can use a clock to involve your child in certain time out games. Like making your child pick up scattered objects with predetermined time using the clock which makes them learn through the inquiry based learning as they will often ask questions to obtain useful knowledge. The main outcome of such activities will be improved learning process against difficult concept, better motor organ control, increased cognitive skills, processing skills enhanced, and better thinking skills.

The best tips through which your child can benefit the most are, one is that you should introduce smaller concepts. Smaller concepts are easy to understand and grasp. Hence, make sure that the lessons you are teaching to your child should be easy and simple. The second tip is that you should be consistent whenever you have introduced a new particular lesson. It is necessary that the lesson you are introducing should be uniform and consistent. The third tip is that you should be an active person so that you could involve your child with yourself in the lessons.

Moving forward with the tips, the most important tip of them all is to use helpful tools. In order to keep interest of your child you can also use motion toys like the push and pull toys while simple puzzles and colored board games can be effective as well as attractive to the children. Paints, water colors, or 3D pastes can be used, likewise, as well ink markers or color crayons. You can use intensely colored balls and spheres to attract attention. Toy cars, motors, models and trains, and several people or animal shapes or dolls are as well a good idea. Blocks, stacking and nesting play toys, which are loved by the children can also be used.

In the end, just remember that the in order to benefit from application of inquiry learning a number of factors should be kept in mind like the context for questions, the framework for questions, the focus of the questions and finally creating different stages for the questions. Questions are the most integral part of inquiry based learning.