What is Character Education?

Have you ever wondered what happened to our children of today? Everyday, we hear of stories about kids getting involved in drugs or watch on television how they are into senseless killings. Who is to be blamed for all these? What role do families, schools and the community play?

Understanding character

What do you often hear people say about you? Are you honest, trustworthy, loving or responsible? These qualities that people see in you is how your character is defined. Basically, they are the values that make up the person that you are. It is your total personality.

Character influences

Character is not something you are born with. You do not have a birthright over it. From the moment one is born, his or her character is influenced by a lot of factors. The family, the community and the school, among others, have a lot to do with the values that define him as a person.

The media has become a force to reckon with especially in our children's values formation. They are powerful enough to make and unmake a person. Too much exposure to television and other media can be very dangerous. Censorships too must be strictly observed in our own households.

Character education

Values are caught, not taught. We often hear people say this and regard it as true. Character education begins at home with our parents teaching us about good morals and right conduct. This kind of education is reinforced by the school wherein we learn from our teachers the same good values that our parents have instilled us.

That is why, character education among schools is integrated in the curriculum. It is the school's deliberate efforts of developing morally upright individuals based on the values that they wish to inculcate.

Character integration

For character education to be successfully attained, integration is a must. Thus, teachers are urged to prepare lesson plans and teacher worksheets that promote character education and development. In fact, it can even be integrated in making effective rubrics.

There is more to teacher resources and worksheets rather than audio-visual materials. Of course, they work effectively in developing study skills but not as much when it comes to developing a person's character. Significant human experiences provide the best learning. Isn't it that we usually remember things from outside the classroom than what we were actually taught within its four corners?

Sports and character

Sports and character education always go together. In fact, it is even regarded as the most effective strategy in character building among school aged children. Through sports, diffferent values are taught and learned. It is where children learn how to be part of a team. It is through sports that they appreciate the values of cooperation, team work, responsibility and honesty.

Our children's character speak of the kind of country that we will have in the future. Their attitudes are a reflection of the next generations to come. The challenge is upon us to reshape these values that have distort our system. It is never too late to change things.

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