Character Education For Secondary Classrooms

High school life spells out F-U-N! That's when our kids start to go on dates, attend parties, sleepovers and a lot more. Sadly though, many of today's teenagers have almost forgotten how teenage life should be lived correctly. How many times have we encountered teenage pregnancies? How many occassions were we told that a certain kid has gotten involved in drug addiction?

Countless and the numbers are increasing. Whatever happened to the country's future? That's where character education comes in. How do we effectively teach them good values when at their age it is already difficult to teach an old dog new tricks? We do not just simply tell them "class, today we will learn about character education" or you will be doomed. Here are some tips.

Clubs and organizations

The series Glee is such a hit! Make one yours in school too. It's not just about talent but it is all about helping one another, believing in each other and working as a group. Why saddle yourselves with too much teacher worksheets and lesson plans on character education when you can even integrate it in the different school clubs and organizations?

High school life is a very important stage that ten go through. It is where they are able to build their identities and build friendships. Where else can they find these if not through clubs? Thus, the challenge is on you to come up with school organizations that are stimulating, exciting and one that builds character.

Movie critiques and song analyses

In warfare, it is always said that the best strategy is to attack the enemy at its weakest. Teens nowadays are so into movies and concerts. Why not use these as tools for teaching character eduction? Believe me, teacher resources are endless and your kids will love them too! Imagine having them watch a movie in class? Cool.

However, be sure to analyze every imporrtant scenes and salient lines. Ask them of the different lessons they are able to draw out from the movie and the song. Elicit from them different responses and evaluate the different impacts on their lives. That in itself is character education!

Home reading

Probably, it's time you do away with the worksheets. Let them select a good book as home reading report. Provide them with guide questions too. In today's age of facebook, twitter and my space, reading has already taken a backseat. Bring back the love for reading and develop their study skills.

Books are a treasure trove of sorts, good values among others. They are teachers in their own right because of their capacity to influence the readers.

Favorable classroom atmosphere

You cannot share what you do not have. In your classroom, no one is above the others. Try as much as you can to create activities that bring out the best in every student. You can make an effective rubrics that integrate character education and values formation. Most important of all, be a person of values. Exercise fair, justice and honesty in everything you do. After all, values are caught, not taught.

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