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Here are some May events you are going to want to include in your class.

1. National Postcard Week- Start an inter-school penpal program.

2. National Physical Fitness and Sports Month- Include sports in your lessons.

3. National Photo Month- Scramble a picture for a daily activity.

4. National Transportation Month- Have students decide what the next transportation break through.

5. Cinco De Mayo- A class related Piñata.

6. No Socks Day- Cover your nose.

7. Kite Day- Have students write about the adventures of a kite that got away.

8. Memorial Day- Write letters of thanks to veterans.

The Month of May & Cinco De Mayo
A great set of worksheets to make getting ready for the month of May, a breeze. A real teacher time saver!

Number of Printable Worksheets: 167

 May Teacher Helpers

 See Cinco De Mayo Lesson Set

 See Cloze Paragraphs - May Theme Vol. 1

 See Cloze Paragraphs - May Theme Vol. 2

Graphing Week- Week of May 3rd
A step-by-step lesson series to guide students through graphing. This is a real phenomenal lesson series. Makes it easy for both teachers and students.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 104

 See Reading and Creating Bar Graphs

 See Reading and Creating Coordinate Graphs

 See Reading and Creating Line Graphs

 See Reading and Creating Pictographs

 See Reading and Creating Pie Charts and Graphs

 See Ready to Graph Pack

 See Math Graphing Workbook

 See Graphing Worksheet Maker

Be Kind To Animals- Week of May 3rd
Our furry friends are always there to lend us a paw. This series is fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 234

 See Reading Comprehension Animals

 See Farm Animals Theme

 See D'Nealian® Block Letters - Animals, V 2

 See Cyber-Starters, Animals Workbook

Mother's Day- May 10th & Memorial Day- May 25th

We put a great deal of effort making sure we have a wide variety of activities and lessons available for Arbor Day.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 93

 See Mother's Day Spelling Workbook

 See Memorial Day Spelling Bonanza

 Teacher Timesaving Forms

 See Language Graphic Organizers

 See Women That Shaped History Series

Biographer's Day- May 16th
We feature a huge selection of ever growing biographers. We feature great authors, politicians, sports figures, inventors, and thinkers that have shaped the world.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 341

 View: Amelia Earhart and Clara Barton

 View: Billie Jean King, Helen Hayes, and Rosa Parks

 View: Barack Obama & George Walker Bush

 View: Theodore Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson

 View: Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison

International Reading Association Week

We feature a complete line of grades K-12 printable reading comprehension activities and worksheets. Some of our most popular titles are located below.

Number of Printable Worksheets: 1,100

 View: High School Level Reading Comprehension

 View: Middle School Level Reading Comprehension

 View: Reading Comprehension: Animals

 View: Reading Comprehension: General

 View: Reading & Writing Lesson Guides

 View: Reading Comprehension: Places