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Slavery Vocabulary


To end a life in a surprise attack for religious or political reasons
blockade An act of sealing off a place or area that prevents people or goods from coming in or leaving out
abolitionism The doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery
fugitive A person who has escaped from somewhere in which they were held captive or are in hiding
recruit To convince someone to join in the armed forces
secede To remove oneself or to withdrawal formally from the membership in a federal alliance, an organization, or a union
reconstruction To replace something that has been damaged or destroyed by rebuilding
reveille A way in which the armed forces personnel are awakened with a signal on a bugle or drum
inflation A general fall in the purchasing power of money due to rising prices
emancipation Freeing someone from the control of another person or organization
surrender Cease resistance to an enemy
segregation The action of setting someone apart from others
siege An operation of the military or police in which enemies surround a town to cut off supplies and force a surrender


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