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President Vocabulary

elocution The skill of speaking in a clear and expressive manner
bipartisan The agreement of two opposing political parties on an issue or cause
caucus A meeting of the members of a legislative body who are also members of a certain political party in order to select candidates for the next election
demagogue A political leader that tries to gain support through prejudice and popular desire instead of rational argument
filibuster Someone who prevents progress from happening during an assembly, usually because they talk too long
incumbent The holder of an office or post
left-wing The liberal, socialist, or radical section of a political system
lobby Seeking to influence a group or person, usually for political means
muckraker One who purposely spreads real or alleged scandals about someone else
platform A document stating the principles and aims of a political party
poll To survey the public in order to find the opinion of the majority
primary A preliminary election to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select candidates for a principal election
red tape Excessive adherence to formalities and rules in business
veto A constitutional right to reject a decision or idea made by a law making body


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