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Native American Vocabulary


A large open area of grassland. These areas are very common to the North American plains.
tribe An aggregate of people that are united by ties of descent from a common ancestor
myth A story concerning early people or the explanation of some phenomenon, typically told by the elders in a group and passed down through generations
clan All the members of a family, including distant relatives
lacrosse A team game originating with North American Indians in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried with a netted stick
buffalo A heavily built ox that is wild with backswept horns
tepee (teepee or tipi) A Native American tent-like structure that is usually cone shaped
hogan A traditional Navajo hut made of logs and earth or clay
ceremony An activity that is done in certain steps that are based on how they have been done before
wampum Small cylindrical beads made from polished shells that were worn as belts and often used as currency
compromise An agreement between two groups or people in which both sides have to give up something to end a fight


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