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Where Am I?

Directions: Using the description, tell what part of North America you are in.


1. I see a red, white, and green flag. It's very hot and a number of people are wearing sombreros. You stop for lunch and have an enchilada.
Hint: Country



2. You find yourself near docks. You smell salt. As you walk into the harbor, you notice that most of ships are coming for Hawaii, Japan, and China. Hint: A body of water.



3. You find yourself on a boat and when you look up, you see a huge statue. The statue seems to be holding a torch and it has a crown on it. When you reach shore, you notice a number of very tall buildings. Hint: It never sleeps.




4. You see signs that say "Disney World 20 Miles". You see a flag that appears to be white with a red X on it. You see a map and the area of land that you are on looks like a boot.
Hint: Your in a state of the U.S.
5. You see a Maple Leaf on a number of people's clothes. A number of people seem to be speaking another language. You think the language is French.
Hint: The local baseball is the Expos.

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