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Industrial Revolution Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Directions: Read the document and answer the questions below.


During World War I, a number of severe shortages alerted the world�s scientists to the need for synthetic, or man-made materials. Thus by 1934, a research team headed by Wallace H.Carothers had developed the first synthetic fiber, called nylon. As it turned out, the development of nylon had a surprisingly profound effect on world affairs. True, it�s first use was in fashion, and in 1939, the Dupont company began marketing sheer nylon hose for women. Nylons were a spectacular hit and sold off the shelves almost immediately. But they disappeared with the coming of World War II, as nylon became essential to the war effort. It was used in everything from parachutes and ropes, to insulation and coat linings. Sadly Carothers never witnessed the impact of his creation. He committed suicide two years before the first pair of nylons ever went on sale.

1. Why do we need to make synthetic materials?



2. Where would you find nylon in nature?





3. To this is day, what was the most popular use of nylon fibers?



4. What company is credited with bringing Nylons to the public?



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