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Flag Day Vocabulary Words

American Pertaining to people and things from the United States of America
centennial a 100th anniversary celebration; marking 100 years of completion
constitution the supreme law of the United States of America, including the Bill of Rights
Freedom the state of being barred from restraint, either physical or by governmental restrictions
glory adoring praise, honor, and admiration to a thing or idea
independence freedom from the control of external forcers
loyal faithful to a single specific country, person, or idea
nation a collection of people or states associated with a particular country or territory
patriotic to love, support, and defend an individual's country or nation
pledge a promise to obey or not obey specific ideas or actions
stars a five pointed ideogram found on flags and associated with military prowess and war
stripes a long band that appears different from the other colors on a plane
symbol a character or object used to represent something else
union a group of individual states that form under one political body
unity separate bodies coming together to form one

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