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Flag Day Spelling Worksheet


Directions: Circle all the words that are spelled correctly.

1 American Aracinem encarAim nceArima
2 innnaeeclt ntlanineec centennial elnanntiec
3 ttoonnsitciu constitution ooucisintntt ctunstiitnoo
4 orFmeed meFeodr Freedom Fdeemor
5 golyr rlygo glory golry
6 independence nipeeeedcdnn ennecddneipe enepecdiednn
7 laoly llaoy aolyl loyal
8 nation atinno nianot otnina
9 patriotic coptirtai crpttoaii aritctpio
10 elgdep gdepel pdgele pledge
11 rasst sstar stars srtsa
12 seprtsi stripes trsspie tsesrip
13 symbol ysomlb soymlb oymbsl
14 nunio union nunio uinon
15 unity uynti ntuiy inuty


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