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Constitution Vocabulary

monarchy A form of government in which one person has absolute rule and often gains it by birth
cabinet Federal government officials who most often represent the executive branch
allegiance Commitment of someone to another in higher power or a larger group
federalism A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and other smaller political units
capitalism An economic and political system in which private owners control trade and industry for money
oath A solemn vow to do something
delegate A person authorized to represent others, normally chosen by election
political Related to government or public affairs
legislature An officially elected body of people that have the power and responsibility to make laws for political units
democracy A type of government in which all those who are eligible may vote to choose a representative to fight for what they want
amendment An addition or other change to a legal paper
sovereign Having all the power
citizen An inhabitant of a country that is recognized as a legal member
adjourn To break off or end a meeting until a later date


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