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The American Civil War Vocabulary

dysentery An intestinal inflammatory disorder that is caused by bacteria or parasites that causes diarrhea, pain, and fever
forage Search widely for food or necessary provisions, usually in the wild
infantry Soldiers that march and fight on foot in hand to hand combat or under fire
knapsack A bag with straps at the shoulders that is carried on the back and made of canvas or weatherproof materials.
artillery Large caliber guns that are used during wartime to fight the enemy
ligature Something used to tie or bind tightly
bayonet A sword like stabbing blade that is attached to the muzzle of a rifle for use when fighting hand to hand
retreat Withdrawal from enemy forces and territory
bedroll Bedding kept in a bundle, often a sleep bag that has been rolled up and carried by soldiers
tourniquet A device used for stopping the flow of blood through an artery, this is usually done with a tight bandage after a wound has happened
bombard To attack continuously with weapons, usually large weapons of mass destruction such as machine guns, bombs, or shells
campaign A series of military actions that are specialized to a particular location, area, or objective
canteen An area to eat as provided by the military or a bottle for carrying water
cartridge A casing that contains a charge and a bullet or shot that causes a blast and possible damage after it is fired from a firearm
cavalry Part of an army that is comprised of mounted troops


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