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Black History Month Spelling Worksheet

Directions: Circle all the words that are spelled correctly.
1 iolitsnobtia ilnostobaiti abolitionist ntiiolbAsoti
2 advocate vtcaodae taovaedc oaetavdc
3 isba sbia bias sbia
4 tnosiiimnricda inatniiicdsrmo csrdimiaonntii discrimination
5 emancipation enaapoimtcin itnioemacnpa oipnmeaacint
6 utqiaely equality equalitty ueqtilya
7 hgtereia ihatrege agrehtei heritage
8 eijcuntis csiniujte uitcinjes injustice
9 irgttynei gineittry gteyrinti integrity
10 arorlbe rrloaeb laborer brlorae
11 psioeronsp rpisepsoon snpoirpose oppression
12 prejudice rciejpeud dejreiupc eprdcjuier
13 racism sarmci riamcs cmisar
14 segregionat segregation neasgiregto tgaeergoisn

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