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Black History Month Word Scramble Answers

Unscramble the words below:


  1. tibilAnsioto is Abolitionist.
  2. rpniposOse is Oppression.
  3. Eiaotnnimpac is Emancipation.
  4. iacmsR is Racism.
  5. rnoaiDnicsiitm is Discrimination.
  6. eoaggrnitSe is Segregation.
  7. Hiaeegrt is Heritage.
  8. enyirtIgt is Integrity.
  9. ltiuEyqa is Equality.
  10. devctoAa is Advocate.
  11. uecredjiP is Prejudice.
  12. baoeLrr is Laborer.
  13. saiB is Bias.
  14. eisjtuInc is Injustice.


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