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Black History Vocabulary Cross Out Worksheet Answer Key


Directions: Cross out the letters that do not belong to the vocabulary word that matches each clue.

1) Clue:   A person who favors the abolition of a practice, formerly related to slavery
Word:   zAzbzozlziztzizoznzizszt The correct word is: Abolitionist
2) Clue:   The state of being equal in rights, status, and opportunities to succeed
Word:   bcdefEbcdefqbcdeufbcdefablcdefbicdefbcdeftbcdefy The correct word is: Equality
3) Clue:   A person who publically supports a policy, cause, or action
Word:   fghijAfgdhijfghijvfghijofghijcfghijafghijtfgheij The correct word is: Advocate
4) Clue:   Having strong moral principles, being honest, being moral
Word:   opqrsIopqrsnopqrstopqrseopgqrsopqrsropiqrsopqrstopyqrs The correct word is: Integrity
5) Clue:   Treatment based on class or category rather than individual merit.
Word:   zDzizszczrzizmziznzaztzizozn The correct word is: Discrimination
6) Clue:   An unjust act, unfairness
Word:   ghijkIghijknghijkjghijkughisjkghijtkghijikgchijkghijke The correct word is: Injustice
7) Clue:   Prolonged unjust treatment that is cruel and controlling
Word:   wxOyzwzpwpxyzwxyzrwxyzewsxyzwxsyzwxyizwoxyzwxyzn The correct word is: Oppression
8) Clue:   A preference especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.
Word:   qrstuBqrstuiqarstuqrstus The correct word is: Bias
9) Clue:   An adverse judgment formed without examination of the facts.
Word:   qrsPtuqrsturqrsteuqrstujqrstuuqdrstuqrstuiqrstucqrstue The correct word is: Prejudice
10) Clue:   Freeing someone from someone or something else who has control
Word:   uEvwxyuvmuvyauvnuvwxycuvyiuvwxypuvyauvwxytuvwixyuvyouvn The correct word is: Emancipation

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