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Water Vocabulary Words

1. aquifer A layer of earth or rock that contains water.
2. condensation The process of compressing air and water that normally results in precipitation.
3. desert A region that has little or no rainfall that is usually sandy and without trees.
4. drought A prolonged period of time without rainfall.
5. evaporation When water fades away or disappears.
6. erosion The gradual process of being eroded by natural forces.
7. flood A tremendous flow of water over what is usually dry land.
8. hydrology The science that pertains to water in terms of its properties, laws, and how it's distributed.
9. ice Water that is made solid by cold water.
10. precipitation The distribution of moisture in the forms of rain, snow, sleet, ice or hail.
11. pollution The process or act of defiling.
12. percolation To drip through small holes.
13. transpiration Sending off moisture in vapor form
14. well A hole that is dug in the ground to get water, oil, gas, or steam.
15. xeriscape A method for landscaping that occurs in arid areas.


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