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Water Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

Answer Word Definition(s)
______ 1. aquifer A. A tremendous flow of water over what is usually dry land.
______ 2. well B. A prolonged period of time without rainfall.
______ 3. evaporation C. A layer of earth or rock that contains water.
______ 4. transpiration D. The science that pertains to water in terms of its properties, laws, and how it's distributed.
______ 5. precipitation E. The distribution of moisture in the forms of rain, snow, sleet, ice or hail.
______ 6. percolation F. The gradual process of being eroded by natural forces.
______ 7. flood G. To drip through small holes.
______ 8. ice H. Sending off moisture in vapor form
______ 9. condensation I. Water that is made solid by cold water.
______ 10. pollution J. A region that has little or no rainfall that is usually sandy and without trees.
______ 11. xeriscape K. A method for landscaping that occurs in arid areas.
______ 12. erosion L. The process or act of defiling.
______ 13. drought M. The process of compressing air and water that normally results in precipitation.
______ 14. hydrology M. A hole that is dug in the ground to get water, oil, gas, or steam.
______ 15. desert O. When water fades away or disappears.

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