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Bank On It! Worksheet


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city      by      public      generate      of      the      bites,      lake      further      a      large      however,      humans,      summit      to      next      23      the      few      changed,      outlying      invaded      volcano.      into      the                  

Although in January 1902 Mt. Pel�e began ____________ show an abrupt increase in fumarole activity, ____________ ____________ showed little concern. This ____________ ____________ on April 23 when minor explosions began at the summit of the ____________ Over the ____________ ____________ days, St. Pierre was rocked by earth tremors, showered in ash, and enveloped in ____________ thick cloud of choking sulfurous gas. These nightmarish conditions deteriorated ____________ when the ____________ and ____________ villages were ____________ by ground-dwelling insects and snakes driven from the slopes ____________ Mt. Pel�e by the ashfalls and tremors. Horses, pigs, and dogs screamed as red ants and foot-long centipedes crawled up their legs and bit them. Thousands of poisonous snakes joined the fray. An estimated 50 ____________ mostly children, died ____________ the snake ____________ along with some 200 animals. As the ____________ eruptions intensified, water in ____________ Etang Sec crater ____________ was heated to near boiling. On May 5, the crater rim gave way, sending a torrent of scalding water cascading down the River Blanche. The hot water mixed with loose pyroclastic debris to ____________ a massive lahar with a downslope speed of nearly 100 kilometers per hour. This ____________ volcanic mudflow buried everything in its path. Near the mouth of the river, north of St. Pierre, it overran a rum distillery, killing ____________ workmen. The lahar continued ____________ the sea, where it generated a three-meter-high tsunami which flooded ____________ low-lying areas along the waterfront of St. Pierre.


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