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Space Vocabulary List & Definitions



Sight that passes because light is cut off.
galaxy A group of billions of stars forming one system.
gravity The natural force that makes objects move towards the center of the earth.
asteroid One of the thousands of very small objects that revolve around the sun.
meteor Stone or metal mass that enters earth's atmosphere from space with great speed.
meteorite A stone or metal mass that has entered earth from space.
moon A heavenly body that revolves around the earth.
orbit The path of the earth or other planets around the sun.
planet One of heavenly bodies that move around the sun.
satellite A heavenly body that revolves around a planet, especially one of the nine planets in the solar system.
black hole A hypothetical hole in outer space where energy, stars and other matter collapse and disappear.
zenith The high point of a huge mass in outer space.
comet Bright body with a star like center and often with a cloudy tail of light.
constellation Group of stars inside a definite area of the sky, usually with geometric shapes.

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