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Bank On It! Worksheet


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the      insects,      eat      is      generally      a      they      even      catch      Some      living      as      and      mostly      cockroach      For      pet.      seen      as      plunge      Geckos      lives      alter      and      trees      geckos,      they      Most      they  


There are many different types of lizards that live in the rainforest such ____________ iguanas, ____________ chameleons ____________ water dragons. The basilisk lizard ____________ very interesting because it can sprint across water, the chameleon can ____________ its colors to become camouflaged against a background and there are even lizards that can "fly" by stretching out flaps of skin and gliding between trees. Probably the best know lizard of the rainforest is the iguana, ____________ on the right, especially since it is popular as a ____________ The iguana can be found in all areas of ____________ rainforest. It is an excellent swimmer and will ____________ into water when it feels threatened. The iguana lays eggs to reproduce and their young ____________ forage on the forest floor eating invertebrates such ____________ ____________ worms and snail. Adults feed mostly on plants but occasionally will ____________ small mammals. Iguanas are actually eaten in various countries and ____________ are considered ____________ delicacy by many. The Gecko ____________ in the rainforest as well and ____________ have many adaptations that are excellent for ____________ in the rainforest. ____________ one thing the gecko's feet has ridges on the base so that it can climb straight up ____________ and even upside down across ceilings. ____________ geckos ____________ have prehensile tails so that they can grasp branches and other objects. ____________ are ____________ active at night so they do not have bright colored skin although geckos that are active during the day have brighter colors. ____________ geckos eat insects but there are some species that will ____________ small mammals and birds ____________ others feed on nectar. Geckos are really beneficial because ____________ eat a variety of insects as well as ____________ eggs.

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