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Hurricane and Tornadoes Vocabulary
List & Definitions

Atmospheric Pressure The pressure that is created by the weight of the air.


A strong storm with a lot of wind.
condensation Something that starts bigger and is made smaller and tighter, in this case ending in the formation of precipitation.
convection current The process of transferring heat by the large movement of particles that have been heated, into a cooler fluid area.
Category 3 A hurricane that involves winds 111-130 mph.
Category 4 A hurricane that involves winds that are 131-155 mph.
Eye A relatively calm, clear area at the center of a hurricane.
hurricane A severe tropical storm, accompanied by thunderstorms.
millibar A tool used to measure atmospheric pressure.
Typhoon A violent cyclone or hurricane.
Tornado A whirlwind that can be extremely destructive and violent.
Vortex A mass of swirling water that draws everything near it.
Gulf Stream A warm current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico along the north coast of the U.S.
Tropical Depression An area in with heavy winds and rain in tropical areas.
Trade Winds Winds blowing toward the equator.
Storm Surge Strong gales of wind that create sudden tidal waves.

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