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Hurricane and Tornadoes Vocabulary Quiz

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

____1. Gulf Stream A. The pressure that is created by the weight of the air.

____2. Eye

B. A strong storm with a lot of wind.
____3.Category 4 C.Something that starts bigger and is made smaller and tighter, in this case ending in the formation of precipitation.
____4.cyclone D. The process of transferring heat by the large movement of particles that have been heated, into a cooler fluid area.
____5.millibar E. A hurricane that involves winds 111-130 mph.
____6.Vortex F. A hurricane that involves winds that are 131-155 mph.
____7.Tropical Depression G. A relatively calm, clear area at the center of a hurricane.
____8. Category 3 H. A severe tropical storm, accompanied by thunderstorms.
____9.convection current I. A tool used to measure atmospheric pressure.
____10.Trade Winds J. A violent cyclone or hurricane.
____11.Storm Surge K. A whirlwind that can be extremely destructive and violent.
____12.condensation L. A mass of swirling water that draws everything near it.
____13.Atmospheric Pressure M. A warm current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico along the north coast of the U.S.
____14.Typhoon N. An area in with heavy winds and rain in tropical areas.
____15.Tornado O. Winds blowing toward the equator.
____16.hurricane P. Strong gales of wind that create sudden tidal waves.

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