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Human Body Vocabulary List & Definitions



The organ that allows hearing to occur.
eye The organ that allows for sight.
face The front of the head that includes nose, mouth and eyes.
foot The bottom part of the leg that is used for standing.
hand The part connecting to the arm that is used for fine motor skills.
head The top part of the body where the brain is located.
arm The area located on the body between the shoulder and the hand.
knee The formation that falls between the thigh bone and the shin bone.
leg The standing limb used for stabilization and movement.
mouth The part of the face that we use to eat, drink and breathe.
neck The slender part of the body that connects the trunk and the head.
nose The part of the face with openings used for breathing and smelling.
back The posterior of the human body that provides support and stabilization.
shoulder The area of the human body between the neck and the upper arm.
chest The large center trunk that is connected to the outer extremities.

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