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Bank On It! Worksheet

Human Body

Work Bank

And      time      you      you      to      protected      an      or      out      it's      When      blink      eyelashes.      you'll      see      dirt      the      forget      as      there.      stuff      your      protects           


You can check out different parts of your own eye by looking in the mirror, ____________ ask a friend if ____________ can look at her eye. A few parts of the eye are easy to see, so ____________ friend will probably agree to let you have a look. You might have a hard ____________ getting her to say OK if you wanted to look at her liver! The eye sits in a little hollow area (the eye socket) in the skull, and it's ____________ by the eyelid. The eyelid opens and shuts several times a minute without you ever thinking about it - ____________ ____________ involuntary action that's better known ____________ blinking! ____________ you blink, the eyelid helps to keep the eye clean. The eyelid also has great reflexes that protect the eye in different situations. When ____________ step into bright light, the eyelids involuntarily squeeze together tightly ____________ protect the eyes. And if you try fluttering your fingers close to your friend's eye (but not too close!), ____________ be sure to ____________ her ____________ quickly. Her eyelids are shutting in response to movement that's too close to ____________ eye - it's a reflex that ____________ the eye from danger. ____________ speaking of fluttering, don't ____________ ____________ They work with the eyelid to keep ____________ and other ____________ ____________ of the eye that doesn't belong ____________

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