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Forces of Nature Vocabulary List & Definitions



When something gets broken down because of water, wind or rain.
gravity The natural force that makes objects move towards the center of the earth.
hail A shower of small ice pellets emanating from the clouds.
hurricane A severe tropical storm, accompanied by thunderstorms.
lightning Electrical activity in the atmosphere that occurs between clouds, causing a flash of light.
precipitation The distribution of moisture in the forms of rain, snow, sleet, ice or hail.
pressure Exerting force on a surface or substance.
rain Condensed moisture that fall from the clouds in forms of drops.
snow Water vapor that freezes in the form of crystals that descend from the clouds.
thunderstorm A lightning and thunder storm often with heavy rain.
tide The rise and fall of the waters of the ocean that is a direct result of the connection between the moon and sun.
weather The changes that happen in the air because of natural conditions.

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