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Farm Vocabulary Quiz

___1. Barn a. A person that grows and gathers crops such as vegetables.
___2. Niche b. The cultivated produce grown within a specific season.
___3. Agriculture c. A young cow that has not produced a calf.
___4. Crops d. All of the things in our surroundings that affect the growth of living things.
___5. Fleece e. A specific dwelling place where an animal lives.
___6. Pasteurization f. The act of feeding on grass and other types of herbage.
___7. Harvester g. the art of cultivating dirt to aid in the growth of crops.
___8. Breed h. Any bird that is raised specifically for their eggs or their meat.
___9. Litter i. When something gets broken down because of water, wind or rain.
___10. Graze j. Taking place in or on water.
___11. Environment k. The outer layer of wool that covers sheep, or animals that are similar.
___12. Poultry l. To create more young.
___13. Aquatic m. The entire group of animals, produced by a single animal at one time.
___14. Heifer n. A specific building that can store grains and farm products, as well as for sheltering animals.
___15. Erosion o. The process of cleansing a substance long enough to eliminate harmful bacteria as well as to stop or prevent fermentation.
___16. Habitat p. The role of an organism within it's own specific community.

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