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Farm Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

1)the art of cultivating dirt to aid in the growth of crops.
2)Taking place in or on water.

3)A specific building that can store grains and farm products, as well as for sheltering animals.
4)To create more young.
5)The cultivated produce grown within a specific season.

6)All of the things in our surroundings that affect the growth of living things.

7)the wool removed from a sheep or other wool-bearing animal; the process of removing the wool from a wool-bearing animal
8)The act of feeding on grass and other types of herbage.
9)farm machine used to cut crops from a field
10)The entire group of animals, produced by a single animal at one time.
11)The role of an organism within it's own specific community.

12)Any bird that is raised specifically for their eggs or their meat.


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