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Bank On It! Worksheet

Ancient Farming

Work Bank

BC,      of      much      mono-cropping,      evidence      on      Balochistan.By      excavation      of      Mesopotamia.      was      peas      developed      large      so-called      New      that      irrigation,      to      first      developed      lentils,     


Developed independently by geographically distant populations, ____________ suggests that agriculture first appeared in Southwest Asia, in the Fertile Crescent culminating in ____________ Around 9500 BC, farmers first began ____________ select and cultivate food plants with specific characteristics. Though there is evidence ____________ earlier use of wild cereals, it was not until after 9500 BC ____________ the eight ____________ founder crops of agriculture appear: first emmer and einkorn wheat, then hulled barley, peas, ____________ bitter vetch, chick ____________ and flax.


By 7000 BC, sowing and harvesting reached Egypt. From 7000 BC Indian subcontinent show farming of wheat & barley attested by archeological ____________ at Mehrgarh in ____________ 6000 BC, farming was entrenched ____________ the banks of the Nile River. About this time, agriculture was developed independently in the Far East, with rice, rather than wheat, the primary crop. By 5000 ____________ Sumerians had ____________ core agricultural techniques including ____________ scale intensive cultivation ____________ land, ____________ organized ____________ and use of a specialized labour force.


Evidence suggests that maize ____________ ____________ domesticated in the Americas around 3000-2700 BC. The potato, the tomato, the pepper, squash, several varieties of bean, Canna and several other plants were also ____________ in the ____________ World, as was extensive terracing of steep hillsides in ____________ of Andean South America.


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